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Why Choose Us?

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Over 10 Years of Experience: For over 10 years I have worked in the creative industry. My experience has taken me all over the world and led to me meeting and working with some of the very best creative talents.

Diversity and Inclusivity: Working all over the world has allowed me to immerse myself in different cultures and interact with people from all walks of life. This helps me approach recruitment from a unique and empathetic position. 

Talent Pool: I strive to connect with people who are passionate and love what they do. This means that the candidates I handpick to send forward, are people I truly think are right for the job. I want both the candidate and the agency to get the very best out of this partnership.

Custom Consulting: As part of my process, I work with candidates to tighten up their CVs and work on their interview technique so that they can really shine. I want them to have the best chance of securing their ideal job.

Positions all over the world: My experience in different countries allows me to find and place people all over the world. This not only benefits candidates who are looking to relocate but also opens up the skill sets and talents for agencies, to secure the perfect person for the role.

   CEO and Founder